My College Tracker provides information and tips on selecting colleges, and a powerful tool (M-CAP) that takes the hassle out of the college application process. Track your college application from start to finish by using

an interactive web tool that is easy to use. MCAP allows you to:

  • Download information on colleges of interest to you
  • Compare colleges on key elements in one easy to read report
  • Organize your application materials
  • Track important deadlines
  • Create your own to do list
  • Receive email reminders of important due dates

Check out these sample screen shots and reports to see what MCAP can do for you:
Sample Screen 1
Sample Screen 2
Sample Cost of School (Report)
Sample College Summary (Report)

Don't forget to visit the LIB(rary) to:

  • Review "WORDS" - a study aid for SAT & ACT
  • Get helpful tips on the application process
  • View sample reference requests and thank you letters
  • Access tips for the athlete