Athletic Tips

  1. Start early
    The most successful recruits begin the entire process early in the junior year of high school. By this time, your list should be narrowed to the top 5-6 college choices. You should send the college coach an introductory letter along with your profile. At this point, make your club and high school coach aware of your choices.
  2. Unofficial College Visits
    A visit to the college is an important part of the process. The visit allows you to see the campus and surrounding area and get a feel for the environment. If at all possible, visit during school year to gain a realistic picture of the campus. This visit should help you narrow your college choices even further.
  3. Communicate
    Active communication and follow-up is essential to keep your name in front of the college coach. After your initial introduction, make sure that you keep the coach and his staff aware of all tournaments and recruitment opportunities available to them. Additionally, make sure your high school coach and club coach (if appropriate) are in the loop.
  4.  Official College Visits
    Official visits are a way for the college coach to bring potential recruits to campus and evaluate not only skills but also interpersonal attributes. You will meet the team and you may participate in a workout session. An invitation is not automatic acceptance to the program. Remember, you must have skill and demonstrate the ability to fit in as "part of the team".

    This visit will include social activities with potential future teammates. You will be exposed to college life including parties. It is important that you handle yourself responsibly.
  5. Maintain a Focus
    Once you have completed your official visits, the college coaches will be in control. They will make their selections and notify you. You may or may not receive an invitation to your top choice school. Be prepared. Have a backup plan. Remember, college is about academics and preparing for your future. Playing a sport you love is a bonus not the reason for college attendance.
Sample Letters and Athletic Profile